Baby Bath: The Right Way!

As soon as you have brought the beloved creature to your home, you are more likely to be concerned about the baby’s sleep, nutrition, and comfort. Have you thought how to perfectly keep your newborn clean? At first, it may seem quite straightforward. Though giving baby bath for the very first time is somewhat challenging for most parents. Read on to figure out the easy way!

Sponge Bath

Unless and until your child’s umbilical cord is completed dried out and fallen, we recommend you to give your baby sponge bath instead of submerging him in water. If your little one has gone through the circumcision process recently, make sure it has healed prior to a bath. Besides, we recommend you to give them bath for 2-3 times per week or else their sensitive skin may get irritated. Well, another fact is babies don’t get dirty. Yes, you heard us right! Well, there can be blown out diapers and spit-ups that may require you to clean them.

Tub Bath

It might feel uncomfortable a few times, but you will soon get used to the routine. Many parents prefer using an infant bathtub and of course, the options are numerous. A few things you may want to consider are the size of the tube, anti-slip features, adaptability, and comfort including padding or some sort of cushioning. It’s better to invest in a high-quality tub when your child can sit on their own. As soon as your baby is ready, it’s time to have all the essentials including baby towels, a clean diaper, clothes, and recommended soap and shampoo.

Afterward, fill the tub. Remember to keep the temperature of water moderate so they neither feel too cold nor hot. Now gently position your child in the tub and be very careful since it can be somewhat slippery. Wipe down your baby from head to toe in a gentle manner using a small amount of soap. It’s better to place an additional warm washcloth on the baby’s tummy to keep them warm as you focus on other parts. Also, don’t forget to clean in-between fingers and toes.

Bath time is quite fun as you interact with the adorable infant by singing a melody or massaging them. Once everything is done, get them in a cozy hooded towel with a lot of warm cuddles.  Enjoy!

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