Baby Bib Types for Little Needs

One important thing you will eventually learn as your baby grows is the different types of bibs and how you will be using them. From drinking liquids to eating solids or teething, babies keep on making expected and unexpected mess that requires frequent outfit changes. Considering the different baby bib types, you will find multiple bib fabrics for the little one needs. Typically, milk and drool bibs are composed of cotton and relevant absorbent materials to quickly soak up the liquid. On the other hand, food bibs are primarily made of silicone or synthetic materials that can be easily wiped clean in no time. Further, you will want to get bibs that can effectively protect your child’s skin and underneath clothing to keep them comfortable. At the same time, they should be adorable enough to take some snaps of your baby.

Feeding Bibs

Feeding bibs are commonly positioned around your child’s neck during feed time. It won’t be surprising to say that feeding a baby is a cluttered process. These bibs are relatively large to keep the infant clothes well-protected. You may find certain bibs featuring a pocket to catch any falls from the baby’s mouth. Apart from protecting the baby’s clothes, they avoid any mess on the floor.

Drool Bibs

Drool bibs are comparatively smaller than feeding bibs. The small size lets your child move around easily without feeling entangled in the large feeding bib. Drool bibs are exclusively designed to prevent little chunks of food or dribble from slipping down and soaked up in the clothes.

Long-Sleeved Bib (smock)

Another popular option is a long-sleeved bib. In addition to just hanging around the baby’s neck, it covers arms and most of the body which makes it considerably difficult for the child to become covered in food. They can be doubled as a smock for playtime. The only difference between a long-sleeved baby bib and smock is an open back that let you quickly remove a dirty bib from the child.

Bibs for Mealtime

When it comes to food time, nothing can be the baby’s best companion than a bib. From easy to wash to keeping away food from the clothes, you will come across endless options. We strongly recommend you to have additional bibs as a quick backup.

  • Disposable Bibs: They make an incredible choice for meals-on-the-go or during traveling.
  • Silicone Bibs: These are soft, flexible, and waterproof. They can be instantly wiped clean after each mealtime. You can also look for options featuring a pocket to catch food as it drops from the baby’s mouth.
  • Plastic Bibs: The waterproof plastic bibs make an optimal selection for quick cleaning. Some bibs can even protect a child’s lap or shoulders.
  • Smock-Style Bibs: These quick wipe-clean bibs come with sleeves and make an excellent option especially for messy eaters as they provide you with full coverage.
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