Baby Care: The Ultimate Benefits of a Baby Teether

Teething is an important process that many parents eagerly wait for. If you have become a parent for the very first time, you are more likely to be worried after all baby care is important. From the initial months after a child is born to the first year, babies are frequently teething. Several parents often assume that the process of baby teething begins as soon as they start to salivate. The process is both long and irritating for the little one and here a baby teether comes handy. Want to know more about it? Let’s get started!

Pain Relief

It won’t be exaggerating to say that many babies experience serious pain and irritation during the teething process. To get rid of pain, they start slurping everything that comes in their hands. Teethers are exclusively designed to help infants feel less pain and make the entire process easier. When a child put on pressure on their gums by simply chewing a teether, they will eventually start feeling comfortable. It’s an optimal temporary solution that keeps your baby at peace while you are doing other essential chores.

Baby Growth

In addition to pain relief, there are other reasons as well why babies are fond of teether toys. Remember it’s a crucial part of child development as they try to put different things into the mouth from this very early age. Mouthing and munching motivate the adorable one to allow their tongue movement inside the mouth that makes them aware. These consistent movements also build a foundation for learning speech sounds since babies begin to murmur during the process. “Mamama” and “dada”, don’t forget to capture those beautiful and memorable moments.

Safe to Use

When it comes to baby care, safety should be your foremost priority. When looking for a baby teether, make sure not to compromise on quality over quantity. Also, prefer an option that comes in an appropriate size. Since there is an extensive variety of teethers available, choose a shape that is safe to put in the baby’s mouth. We highly recommend you to avoid certain ingredients in the making of teethers such as BPA, cadmium, lead and other toxic substances. Wooden or BPA free teethers are a reliable choice.

Variety of Choices

While choosing a baby teether, you will come across diverse options such as wood, rubber plastic with varying shapes, sizes, and colors. We always recommend you to go with an option that is easy to put in the baby’s mouth and they feel comfortable while munching it. Some parents prefer a teether that comes with a chillness effect. You can place it in the fridge and it will give a soothing freshness to the child’s gums.

Our Pick: Butterfly Shape Baby Teether

This adorable teether features a butterfly shape with an interesting texture that comforts your dear one. The BPA free teether is appropriate for most child stages. We have found that this stimulating shape not only attracts toddlers but at the same time provide them enhanced comfort and soothing experience. It will help your baby develop eating habits right from the beginning. The soft and flexible teething loops are optimal for gumming babies.

Considering the quality and design, the enthralling loop design and lightweight built make it quite easy to allow little hands grab their favorite teething toy. It is neither too small or big for their little mouth. The best part is they can keep the teether in the mouth while letting the hands-free to play. Choosing a teether with most natural parts minimize the parents’ concerns to a great degree. What’s more? The middle cube has a silent rattle to let your child discover sounds.

This 360-degree teether is completely free from any chemical softeners, BPA, artificial colors, and other substances that parents want to avoid. The soft and consistent tubes are not only comfortable but the mesmerizing colors can immediately capture the baby’s attention. Finally, to keep the teether germ-free, you can boil it. For ultimate baby care, the quality will not be compromised, though make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 10 minutes.

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