Baby Care Tips for Dads

Irrespective of all the preparation, the sudden switch from expectation to reality with added financial, emotional and physical responsibilities is absolutely overwhelming. The art of fatherhood keeps on evolving with changing society traditions. By considering some of the parenting tips, you can learn how to be a loving and supporting father. It is no exaggeration to say that new fathers can develop an ultimate fanatic bond with a newborn. Let’s take a look at some of the baby care tips.

Develop a Bond

When it comes to baby care, there is a lot of mom-centric information available. There is no sensation like cuddling up the newborn to intensify the bond. Keeping them close to you apparently releases oxytocin commonly known as the “love hormone” to make the little one feel the warmth. When we talk about bonding, we consider it an intense connection you develop with the newborn. You will want to shower the baby with love and affection. Here’s what you can do!

  • Human touch is comforting both for you and the baby – hold them close to you.
  • Have a conversation with the little one by looking into their eyes and face. The very first thing you can do is mirror their movements and vocalizations.
  • Newborns enjoy playtime and that being said your baby will love to play with you irrespective of the playing style.
  • Carry your child in a baby seat carrier as you walk around in your everyday routine.

Make Eye Contact

The growing significance of eye gaze is both intellectual and emotional contributing to better bonding. Make eye contact with your baby can support communication and learning. Babies simply love this when they get your attention. Benefit from this opportunity to make them talk and laugh. It’s more like enjoying the moment and creating beautiful memories. It has incredible significance in early connection and bonding.

  • Make funny or silly faces with eye contact to share some fun moments
  • Make eye contact when changing a nappy to strengthen the bond
  • Maintain eye contact to keep them engaged

Change their Nappy

Changing a diaper is one of the important chores. Many babies enjoy their diaper changed which makes them feel clean and fresh. One effective baby care tip for dads is to change their nappy and make them smile. This tip can be combined with others – sing with them or making eye contact. During a diaper change, the position of parent and child is simply perfect for a great bonding experience. Your face at the arms-length distance allows improvement in communication. No matter how busy you are all day long, spare out some time to connect with your child. Make sure you have all the essentials at hand such as nappies, creams, wipes, diaper changing mat, etc.

Feed Them

If your newborn is bottle-fed, you can always create and share a healthy bond through bottle-feeding. It’s a natural bonding time commonly associated with moms. Though there is no reason why dads cannot use it to get close to their child. Feeding your child also means giving a much-deserved break to the mother. On the other hand, if your baby is on breastfeed, you can support your partner with practical support – Offer them a glass of water, a pillow, or whatever they require.

Carry Your Baby

Certainly one of the best baby care tips! Baby carrying is known for developing a strong bond between a father and a child. Whether you want to carry them in your arms or a baby carrier, it’s easy to make physical contact with the adorable one. Your child not only feels secure and comfortable but enjoy this close presence. Instead of using a pram to walk them around, a carrier makes for a smart choice. When your companion needs a break, you can always put them in a carrier and enjoy a walk together.

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