Benefits of Baby Carrier Hip Seat

Holding your child closer to your chest build the most beautiful bond. In addition to creating and strengthening this bond, you may be surprised to know that it is medically beneficial for the baby as well. Kangaroo care is an old yet gold technique for peaceful skin-to-skin contact. Though the modern one is baby hip seat!

Quick Benefits of Kangaroo Care 

When we talk about kangaroo care, you will find endless benefits. Let’s take a look at the few prominent ones:

  • Stabilize and improve baby’s heart rate and breathing pattern
  • Improve oxygen saturation level
  • Successful breastfeeding sessions 
  • Peaceful sleep time 
  • More confidence and sense of control
  • Increase breast milk supply 
  • Create a super baby-mom bond!

Baby Hipseat Kangaroo for Newborn

This Newborn Hip Seat helps you comfortably carry your child at any time and anywhere you want. The creatively designed hip wedge support seat certainly worth your appreciation. The product comes with a detachable hip seat that evenly distributes the baby weight and at the same time ease back and shoulder pressure. With multiple ways to wear, the ergonomically designed versatile carrier will grow with your little one. Considering superior comfort, it features a breathable air mesh line for enhanced comfort. Isn’t it amazing?

Why You Should Get a Kangaroo Hip Seat Carrier

Let the Baby Socialize

When wearing your baby, they are more likely to be socially engaged. They will hear all the conversations and sounds around them that can assist them with both language skills and stimulate the senses. They will gradually understand varied movement – when you walk, stop, or turn around. Also, it can be quite exciting for the child to experience the world.

Prevents Flat Head Syndrome

When a child stays on their back for most of the day, there is a risk of developing a flat head also known as plagiocephaly. The condition can be absolutely prevented when you wear them rather than letting them stay on their backs for several continuous hours.

Comfort Your Child

Wearing your baby can significantly soothe the child and prevent the crying hours. The more a baby cries, the more stressed they become that may elevate the cortisol in their body. Your newborn stays in the belly for the nine months of pregnancy and they are used to feeling your breathing. Once they arrive in the world, they still look up to a similar feel, and here babywearing is a convenient way to comfort them.

Stable Body Temperature and Heart Rate

At times, your newborn heartbeat can be low or high. It won’t be exaggerating to say that babywearing can help your child’s heart rate stabilize in the perfect zone. Also, it contributes to maintaining a stable baby temperature. Impressive Though!

Good for the Hips

Hip dysplasia is a common concern among babies especially in the initial months of their birth. Unfortunately, if the child suffers from hip dysplasia, the development of their hips is compromised which may result in dislocation. Babywearing can assist your child with improved and healthy hips development without any problems.

Fight Colic

Colic is a disturbing condition both for the mother and child. A mother dealing with a colic baby knows the all-day and all-night struggle in calming the newborn. Babywearing could be the great weapon you must be preferring. Since a child spends more time in the upright position, this vertical duration will keep their stomach contents down and thus comforting the baby.

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