Choosing Best Baby Changing Mat

Welcome your child – the bunch of joy, sweet-faced smile, and of course a pooping machine. This means, your baby will need changes around-the-clock. Look for a changing pad that speaks to your love and fulfill all changing requirements in no time. Undoubtedly, it can be your very best companion both at home and when you are out and about. Looking for one? Here you go with the important considerations.

Shape and Design

A simple design of a rectangular changing pad is quite intriguing since they are remarkably easy to pack. Though make sure they have quality detail comprising round edges or flat stitching or else it may irritate the child. T-shaped baby changing mats are compact and nicely designed to cover all the potential areas of contact between different surfaces and child. They are comfortable and frequently come with much-needed storage.

Folding vs. Rolling Style

Portable changing mats are specially designed to roll or fold up. Folding pads are renowned particularly if there is a thin oversized compartment such as at the external side of your baby bag. On the other hand, rolled styles also work great when it comes to space-saving, and if you have an only compartment bag or slot.

Extra Storage

Look for portable changing pads featuring compartments and pockets for added storage. It will considerably help you keeping baby diapers and wipes. The feature is more common on T-shaped baby mats.


Safety is the foremost consideration! Being a parent, you should preferably choose a product with the highest safety. When we talk about safety features, we are referring to contoured walls, straps, and the use of non-toxic material. If you are buying a changing pad with all these safety features, you are on the right track.


Portability is an important factor especially if you travel or go outside more often. In multiple outdoor situations, you don’t have to go around time and gain finding a changing table or any safe place to lie down your child. A portable mat comes handy and can be truly a life savior.


When it comes to choosing portable baby changing mat, there is no standard size. You can always take a look at dimensions for the preferred style. Some parents prefer relatively large pads so they don’t have to upgrade it over time as your baby grows.


Certain portable baby changing mats particularly the rectangular styles can just fold and don’t need any closure method. On the other hand, you will find many options equipped with zippers, snaps, Velcro, and buckles. If you are opting for a pad with closures, be sure they do not come in contact with the baby’s head when they lie down.


Considering the use, portable changing mats are traditionally designed from easy-care materials. Some of the common materials include nylon, plastic, vinyl, and polyester. Many pads are treated with a waterproof coating and come with an inner waterproof layer. Also, look for something that is completely free from BPA, latex, PVC, or lead.

Changing Pad Tips and Advice

  • When looking for baby changing mat, check out the dimensions, and ensure they fit securely as you want it.
  • Make sure the diaper changing station is comfortable and safe and this can be achieved with the right changing pad for clothing experience or successful diaper change.
  • In case you are using a changing table, consider securing the changing pad to the dresser for enhanced security.
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