Choosing the Best Diaper Changing Mat

Whether you have bought a changing unit or table, a changing mat is a must requirement for every new mom. It is an amplified, cushioned mat with slightly elevated edges to prevent your child from rolling off and make them feel more enclosed and secured. Diaper changes is an unavoidable part of parenting. It won’t be surprising to say that you may need to change a diaper at least 10 times a day to keep them clean and fresh. Since baby diaper changing pad will be used more often, there are a few important features to consider for comfortable diaper changing experience.

Safety Advice: Do not step away from your child even for a second while changing their diaper.

Waterproof Safety

Diaper changing frequently creates a lot of mess whether you are expecting it or not. A waterproof surface can be easily wiped clean. It avoids any liquids soaking inside the pad that may result in mold and mildew. For extra protection, you can always opt for waterproof multi-purpose pads that come with an added touch of comfy softness and is machine washable.

Baby’s Comfort

Keeping your child comfortable during diaper changes will make the entire process smooth and quick. Supportive foam needs to be durable yet super-comfy for the little one. You will find many changing pads offering soybean improved foam for a more relaxing and natural changing surface.

Contoured Design

Changing pads featuring contoured sides provide incredible snug and comfort to the infants and toddlers while keeping them well-secured. Some pads are equipped with a 3-sided design incorporating added cushioning at the top of the changing pad to efficiently keep the child’s head protected.

Safety Straps

You should preferably consider a diaper changing mat with two different types of safety straps for the utmost security. Preferably look for an option that has a modifiable restraint belt with a buckle to keep the baby safe. Further, anchoring straps are worth considering since they can be quickly secured to the wall, changing table, or stroller. Though make sure the safety straps are perfect according to the baby’s arms reach.

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Secrets of Changing Diaper Pad

Diaper change is an everyday chore. You might be thinking if there is a simple solution to cover the diaper changing mat. Disposable diaper changing mats are certainly not an appropriate option since they are can be quite costly when used in the routine. Well, the secret is dental bibs! They are not only good at protecting the clothes from salivating while your tooth is being removed, but they work exceptionally at protecting diaper changing pads. They may not have an exciting print, but they perform the job perfectly and available at a very reasonable price.

Nothing is annoying than changing a wiggling baby – imagine the scenario when the pad is sliding all over the surface. Well, you can use a non-slip rug pad that is commonly used on a wooden floor to avoid sliding. They work simply amazing at keeping the diaper pad steady. All you need to do is lay the non-slip rug pad where you often change your baby and position the changing pad down on top. The good news is they are available in multiple shapes and sizes. No more slipping!

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