How to Relax a Crying Baby – Baby Care Tips

Babies cry and at times they cry a lot! On one day, it’s considerably easy to calm down the little one. While on the other day, you need to go with other tactics – a burp, feeding, soothing touch, or a diaper change. There is always a way to comfort your baby when they are crying at the top of their voice. Read on and get ready for the perfect parenting with these amazing baby care tips.

Give a Massage

Massaging your child is not only beneficial to their health but gives them ultimate relaxation. It’s a comfortable ritual for the little one to keep them calm. It’s up to you whether you want to do it with baby specific lotion or oil. If you don’t have any of the stuff at the moment, gentle touch will work as well. Here a few tips to consider:

  • Rub their chest from the mid outward and create small rounds around their belly button. 
  • Smoothly move their arms and legs between your hands and take turns with every limb. 
  • Unfold their fists and gently rub fingers and palms. 
  • Massage the toes. 
  • You may turn the baby on their tummy and rub from up and down to side to side.

Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling your baby keeps them comfortable and secure. It creates a womb-like feel that impeccably helps in calming the crying child. Luckily, many parents find it an effective way to let their newborns sleep for long with minimal crying. Remember, some babies want their arms to be free whether they want to suck their fingers and soothe themselves or just for the sake of freedom. Leave their arms free if they prefer it and position them at the topmost of the blanket at the armpit level.

Baby Pacifier

Babies frequently comfort themselves with nonnutritive slurping. It will surprisingly calm their nerves even if the tummy is not filled. While your child is crying, a pacifier can do the job perfectly. We recommend you consider waiting unless and until the habit of breastfeeding is established prior to introducing them to a pacifier.

Colic Carry 

At times, your baby cries desolately and all they need is some pressure on the tummy. It is commonly known as colic carry to help in relieving gas and colic. 

  • Position your child on their tummy and your forearm. 
  • Hold the head in your hand and use the other one to soothe and rub the back. 
  • Keep the baby across your lap to help in supporting the tummy and the head.
  • Hold them in an upright position and keep the abdomen on your shoulder. 
  • Finally, lay the child on their back and push their knees up to the tummy level for approximately 10 seconds. Release the gas and repeat it.

Wear Baby in a Front-Pack Carrier

Wear your baby and walk around to make them feel comfortable. Not only they would love to experience the surrounding world but at the same time enjoy the feeling of intimacy with their parent. It’s certainly a convenient baby accessory to let your hands-free for multitasking. Though make sure to keep their face towards your body for the first three months since they require additional support. If they are older than 3 months, let them rejoice. Babies simply enjoy being carried around.


Among all baby care tips, we cannot ignore this one. It won’t be surprising to say that even the little babies can get bored. If they do, it’s time to have some fun with them. To keep them entertained, you can make some funny or silly noises, animated expressions, narrate your actions, and much more. You can make them happy by turning on some interesting tunes and dance with them. It’s time to use your entertainment skills!

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