Newborn Care Basics: Bringing Your Child Home

Hospital stay time is over! Get ready to bring your little companion home. Bringing your newborn home for the very first time is both wonderful and overwhelming. After all, this is the moment you have been waiting for so long. Welcoming immense joy to your life, it can be quite fun to be around your baby – interact, play and of course take care and do the responsibility. Let’s quickly go through the newborn care basics to help you get things right.

Ask for Help!

The foremost thing you should probably do is ask questions while you are at hospital – ask anything! In case you have missed some important information, quickly contact nurses’ hotline or write down the pointers so you can ask upon visiting your pediatrician. The second step is to ask for help. If your child has grandparents, they are the luckiest. What else can be more comforting than a helping arm holding the baby while you are having a tempting meal with peace.

Though make sure to ask or prepare them beforehand. Otherwise, you may call your friends or contact a reputed baby care facility to hire an assistant. Someone else doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household chores will bring peace of mind especially in such a crucial phase of life where you are constantly learning. That way, you have a better opportunity to spend most time with your child and get to understand them better.

More Focus, Less Stress

Undoubtedly, you need to focus on baby and nothing else in the first few weeks. Since many people in your circle will be visiting to congratulate, it’s a better idea to plan a day or two in a week. Do not overstress yourself and consider welcoming people in a specific duration. Initially, you should probably keep the celebration to immediate friends and family. The third step is to keep a brief log of baby’s activities. You never know when you are nervous or sleep-deprived and therefore having a solid piece of information at hand will help since you will be knowing better whether the baby is about to poop, sleep, or eat.

Here a few newborn care basics to keep in mind when bringing baby home:
  • Breastfed newborns should nurse approximately 10 times per day.
  • Formula-fed babies should have their bottle about 8 times per day – it should be around 1-3 oz at a time.
  • Keep helping baby gear close to your – baby storage organizer, diaper maternity backpack, baby carrier, and so on.
  • Babies tend to lose weight in the first week.
  • Your baby is more likely to sleep for 15-17 hours per day.
  • Keep your baby warm and cozy – they should be dressed warmly and perfectly wrapped up.
  • Expect a minimum of one poopy diaper and four wet diapers in a day.
  • Avoid giving bath to the baby unless their umbilical cord falls off.

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