Postpartum Shapewear: What You Need to Know

Growing a baby in your body is the most incredible thing. Our bodies naturally shift and stretch out to accommodate an ever-growing infant. However, post-pregnancy leaves your empty belly drooping down and at this point, you are more likely to consider using shapewear. If you had a Cesarean section, it is recommended to wait for a minimum of a week and consult your doctor to make sure you can wear shapewear safely. In general, we suggest medium compression that offers the most appropriate amount of support and helps your body re-adjust.

Target Areas for Postpartum Shapewear

When choosing postpartum garments, there are different styles available focused on specified target areas. The torso-fitting shapewear prolongs down the thighs providing a suitable amount of compression and snug. Others more focus on functional correction targeting especially the mid-section and post-partum belly areas of the body. Waist cinchers and belly bands are exclusively designed to compress the tummy and help with posture correction and maintenance. The core strength and stability assist the musculoskeletal system to realign in the best possible way. Lastly, some shapewear focus on the back region including bodysuits, waist clinchers, and corsets. They offer enhanced strength in the upper back through perfectly form-fitting compression support.

Benefits of Shapewear

Upon welcoming the special one in your life, shapewear becomes the most functional and practical thing you must be looking forward to. It’s not merely about looking nice but enjoying the well-deserved comfort. Here we have listed a few popular benefits you should know!

  • Post maternity shapewear helps you feel comfortable particularly in the initial weeks of postpartum. You will feel more centered, composed, and confident. 
  • Help you return in pre-pregnancy glory. With added abdominal support, it gradually guides your body towards the original shape.
  • In case you are feeling pain in the back, do not worry anymore. Most of these aches and discomfort occur after pregnancy primarily due to inappropriate posture and support. Shapewear will comfort your back pain and help you correct the posture. 
  • If you have undergone C-section, a postpartum body recovery shapewear creates a cushion between the stitches and clothes.

At the end of the day, imagine the confidence you will gain post-pregnancy. While you will find many things out of place, wearing shapewear will keep you prepared for expected and unexpected times when taking care of your newborn.

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