Shapewear Guide for First-Timers

If you are looking forward to unlocking the true magic of shapewear, get ready to rock the world! It’s more like using an iron to smooth out all those unwanted lumps. You may call it a real-life Photoshop for a three-dimensional body. Everyone loves to look stunning at all times. Isn’t it? Shapewear can certainly make you look gorgeous and boost confidence while hiding the imperfections. However, knowing how to look up for appropriate shapewear can be somewhat confusing. It won’t be less than a nightmare than receiving awesome shapewear with the wrong size. Well, below we have compiled much-needed tips for first-time buyers.

Determine Your Size

This is an important step in choosing the right shapewear. The Body Recovery Shapewear from crackbasket has been tested and nicely designed to fulfill your everyday requirements. If you have multiple options for consideration, we do not recommend you to make a guess randomly. For this purpose, use a fabric measuring tape and take accurate measurements before placing your order.

To make an optimal choice, remember the three important sizes include hips, bust, and waist. Keep your measuring tape flat and firm against the body. Though make sure not to over-stretch it. Also, keep it at a ground level when taking measurements.

Bust: Measure the complete area of your bust.

Waist: Measure the slimmest area of your waist where you will find a natural curve. Usually, it is two-inches beyond your belly button.

Hips: Measure the complete area of the hips.

As soon as you take the measurements, consult the custom sizing chart for the right selection. You can either choose shapewear designed for a specific part or an all-in-one option for complete body recovery as presented above. If you are still doubtful, we suggest you opting for a size up instead of down. A smaller garment will not only be uncomfortable but doesn’t offer the desirable outcomes. The key to choosing shapewear is compression, not the size.

Light Control

If you have specific bulges that need to be smoothed out, light control is everyday shapewear. You can comfortably wear it beneath the clothes and vanish all those trouble spots in your physical appearance.

Firm Control

If you want to smooth out undesirable bulges and at the same time making some of the body curves prominent, firm control makes a great selection. This shapewear is designed with stretchy fabrics that perfectly contours the body shape. You will probably get several hours of comfort from firm control pieces.

Extra Firm Control

If you are having a special event in a few days and you want to look absolutely stunning, an extra firm control shapewear makes an excellent formal choice. It’s more like a structured piece exclusively designed for prom gowns, cocktail outfits, wedding dresses, etc. You will look perfectly toned without feeling snuff out.


100% Premium Cotton Fabric

Shapewear is commonly made of cotton, nylon, and spandex. For winters when you want to retain maximum heat, nylon and spandex make a great selection. On the other hand, cotton is an optimal choice for mid-season or summers when you are more prone to sweat. Also, cotton is a great material for enhanced breathability and moisture absorption.

Focus on your shaping goals! If you are looking for a dress-friendly companion, nothing can beat the power of shapewear. Regardless of your selection, just remember the purpose of wearing it. It’s better to opt for a full-body recovery option and extra compression. Enjoy Your New Look!

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