Top 7 Coolest Baby Facts

Adorable, loveable, and full of curiosity – Babies are Incredible! Undeniably, these little humans can uplift anyone’s mood with laughter and fun. You may not know that babies are not merely filled with plenty of sweetness, rather they are subjected to many interesting facts that you may not know before. Can’t wait anymore? Let’s get started with the coolest baby facts you will get to know.

1 Learn to Talk in the Womb

Your baby can hear your voice and the sounds around from the 23rd week of pregnancy. Though they won’t speak by the age of one year, they still learn the language right from the beginning. It might be overwhelming for you to know that the newborn’s favorite sound is your voice. The more words they hear in the initial stage; the better language skills they will have later on.

2 Ability to Swim

When we talk about baby facts, this one is truly surprising! Babies are capable of holding their breath underwater and even splash around with their arms and legs. If you take your child to a swimming class, you will be amazed to see their hidden talents in action. You can go to a baby pool with warm water and enjoy the ultimate swimming experience with the little one.

3 Babies Learn Faster than Adults

As we have mentioned above, babies can hear your voice and anyone around them. Since they are surrounded by much stimulation, they are constantly learning. The brain is developing connections at a remarkable rate. Benefit from their capability by reading, singing, and talking with your child. Let them hear you and people around for many weeks and months so they can have improved language skills by the time when school starts.

4 Newborn Loves Your Scent

Your child can smell and taste even before they are born. They will love your natural scent in no time that can comfort and calm them. We won’t recommend you to use a lot of strong-smelling toiletries in the initial weeks of your child. Your baby has better taste buds than you which are spread all across their mouth instead of just tongue. When you are pregnant, they can have a little taste of everything you consume. They will certainly enjoy some of the tempting flavors in your breastmilk. WOOH!

5 Poo Changes

The very first baby poos are typically dark and sticky sort of substance commonly called meconium. Afterward, the newborn’s nappy will primarily depend on your breastfeeding or formula-feeding. One unique benefit of breastfeeding is that the baby’s poo is less smelly. Well, you don’t have to worry about it since the baby does poo multiple times a day. All you need to ensure is lookout for any changes. Get ready to become a Super-Mom.

6 Babies are Short-Sighted

Newborn babies are capable of seeing clearly approximately 20-30 cm and everything farther is blur. Luckily, the distance is simply perfect when looking at your child during feeding. Once the baby is one or two months old, they will be able to focus on the toys in front of them, By the fourth trimester, they can have a clear vision of shapes and colors. Help your baby explore the world with bright and vibrant patterns.

7 Birthmarks are Common

About one-third of babies born have a birthmark. One of the common types is the stork mark. You may find a pale pink patch on their face or neck. Many birthmarks typically disappear within six months. Most of them don’t cause any harm and disappear on their own. On the contrary, certain deep birthmarks may need treatment. Consult your doctor about it.

We hope you have enjoyed these awesome baby facts. If you are looking forward to knowing more about the adorable newborns, head over to Top 7 Most Common Baby Myths. It’s going to be super-interesting and FUN!

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