Top 7 Most Common Baby Myths

Every parent wants to take the best care of their baby. If you have become parents for the very first time, you are more likely to listen to any suggestions from your companions and family. You never know when you start believing in old baby myths mostly advised by the elderly. From using baby gear to food, you will come across a certain story. Nevertheless, many of the things are nothing but old-age myths. Let’s explore the top 7 most common baby myths of all time and explore the truth.

Myth 1

Oil massages are no more reliable today.

Fact: Oil massage has been often used in Asian culture for quite a long time. However, this doesn’t mean we cannot follow it anymore. Massaging a baby is even suggested by many doctors since it significantly helps in enhanced blood circulation in the body while at the same time induce better sleep.

Myth 2

Holding the little one for longer may spoil the newborn.

Fact: Remember the only way your newborn can communicate is through crying whether they are irritated due to rashes or need milk. In the early months when the baby is born, they need closer contact with parents for comfort. Carrying your baby is not about spoiling them but making them feel connected and relaxed. Though you don’t have to hold him in your arms for several hours.

Myth 3

The bottle-fed child is healthier.

Fact: One cannot deny the fact that mother’s milk is the most important nutrition. It should be the only source of nourishment for the first six months. In case, you are unable to feed your child, you will probably switch to formula milk. Remember it may be healthy but not more than mother’s milk. Breastmilk is rich in nutrients and is power-packed with antibodies.

Myth 4

A newborn should be kept indoors all the time.

Fact: When a baby is born, he is delicate and needs a lot of attention and care. Subsequently, many people strongly suggest not to take your baby outdoors. However, there is no harm in taking the baby outside for some time and let him breathe fresh air if the weather condition is suitable. For instance, sunlight is a source of Vitamin D. Also, taking your baby outside will help in building their immunity quicker.

Myth 5

Babies sleep comfortably when positioned on their tummies.

Fact: It is highly recommended that a child should sleep on his back instead of the tummy. When a child sleeps on his tummy, he is at a greater risk of sudden infant death syndrome. It’s always better to let him sleep on the back.

Myth 6

Turmeric concentrate and gram flour work better than soap for the sensitive baby’s skin.

Fact: Undoubtedly, natural ingredients are better for the baby’s body. However, certain natural ingredients may cause allergic reactions. We recommend you to opt for option prescribed by the doctor. You can choose hypoallergenic products that are appropriate for the delicate skin of the baby and are tried and tested.

Myth 7

Breastfeeding mothers should consume flavorless food.

Fact: It is certainly one of the most common baby myths. If you are a breastfeeding mother, you may want to prevent certain foods that can result in allergies such as peanuts or dairy. Apart from these foodstuffs, you can eat whatever you desire or crave for. It will also help your child develop a taste through breast milk. However, you must not consume any caffeinated beverages or alcohol since they are highly harmful to the baby. For a few weeks, you may avoid very spicy foods but that doesn’t mean you should only consume bland food.

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