What You Need to Know About Baby Sleep Regression?

As soon as you welcome the little one in your life, one thing you will observe frequently – they sleep a lot. Initially, it looks somewhat easier when you make the baby sleep and only wake them to feed that won’t take longer than half an hour. However, soon you will come across another struggle. What if your newborn cries at the top of his voice all night long. Well, they are more likely to be experiencing sleep regression. Therefore, it’s important to understand what they are going through and what exactly is baby sleep regression.

Sleep regression suddenly wakes the infant right in the middle of the night and makes them feel uncomfortable. This period typically lasts for 2-4 weeks. The condition occurs primarily when the baby’s tummy is upset or a certain noise is disturbing them. Here are a few common signs to help you understand whether the baby is passing through this troublesome phase.

  • Immediate cries when the baby is put down to bed
  • Wakes up throughout the night
  • Trouble in sleeping

What Causes Sleep Regression?

Developmental leaps are one of the major reasons for baby sleep regression. Your child is more likely to experience four regressions through their first year – four, six, eight, and twelve months. All these phases are connected to developmental leaps. A few other common reasons include:

  • Change in a schedule such as new daycare routine 
  • Ailment 
  • Teething 
  • Traveling 
  • Short sleep hours

What to Do?

Sleep regression is a very common concern among parents. Unfortunately, there is no specific way to prevent the condition since they are associated with physical and cognitive developments. It’s important to get yourself familiar with the little one’s experiences and help them get through. During this period, your child needs more care, love, patience, and understanding. Here are a few things you can do to comfort your baby.

  • Try not to overtire them, be consistent with the bedtime routine
  • Strengthen the bond of love with more snuggles
  • You may consider a sleep training program
  • Use baby carrier if they are older than 3 months to comfortably hold them without getting exhausted
  • Use baby pacifier or teether if required

Sleep regressions are mostly a struggling experience even for pro parents. Though being well-prepared, comprehending the basics, and having a plan on hand will make them somewhat comfortable to go through this phase. 

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